Saturday, August 19, 2006

Meeting a Blog Reader

Last weekend at Kansas Dialogue, I had barely arrived when a nice lady walked up and looked at my name tag and said, "Oh! I read your blog." That was Kathy, who's photo I posted last weekend.

It was only a little bit later when I had the same basic conversation with Wendee, seen here.

It's incredibly flattering that people take time to read the blog and share in my life. I would love to post more photos of readers, so if you're willing to share your thoughts, email me at and I'll put you up here, along with a link to your website if you wish.

Wendee is going to be work with Marci at the Sampler Foundation. You know I've gone on and on about Marci's "The Kansas Guidebook" and other projects of this organization devoted to preserving rural life. I know Wendee will be a big help and I will get to see her again when doing Explorer functions. Find more info about all those things at

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