Sunday, September 03, 2006

Coming up

One of the things I've been doing recently - besides digging out from the tea - is preparing for the next month. I've got a lot of things on the agenda for September - some fun and some work.

Although it hasn't been announced officially yet, I'm going to be part of the Reno County Leadership class this fall. This is the first time they've done a fall one and it is better for my schedule. We have an overnight retreat so I'm making plans for that.

I'm also teaching a journalling class later this month. Although that's largely straightforward, it does require some preparation. I'm wondering what, exactly, I want to do for the class. It's hard to know what to focus on, but obviously I have to do some planning for it.

Also, Greg and I are going on a trip to Seattle and Portland next month so I need to plan for that a bit too. We haven't traveled together for awhile and I'm really looking forward to going. It will be interesting to see if we still travel well together. Neither of us has been to that area of the country, so it will be good. With just some preliminary reading I know I'm going to want more time there.

I've been working on getting ahead on my podcasts and cookbook reviews. I've got the Route 66 Minute ready through October. I'd like to get a few Art of Gracious Living podcasts recorded too. Just like when I was in radio, I don't like the production part of it. Sitting down and recording them is a breeze. But, then the post production has to happen - music added, converted to mp3, etc. - I just don't care for all that. But, it has to be done. I want to get a couple of reviews for Kansas Country Living written, too.

The State Fair starts on Friday and runs for 10 days. I haven't committed yet, but I will probably help work out there a bit. Other than that, we will just be out there a lot enjoying the fair.

And the last weekend of the fair is the Arlington tea. I enjoy that tea so very much. It will be so nice to have tea instead of creating tea.

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