Sunday, September 03, 2006

Catching Up

I have been so occupied that I've not been blogging much lately. However, on my list of things to do this weekend is get caught up a bit. We'll see if I manage.

But in the interest of getting started on that...

A couple of nights ago Greg and I went out to the Dutch Kitchen. It seems whenever we travel that direction we are blessed with an interesting sunset and Friday night was no different.

Dinner at the Dutch Kitchen was good, and they're famous for their pie. We both had some pecan pie to top off the meal. I realized after the tea that I never even sampled any of the tea goodies, other than while I was cooking.

I'm still cleaning up from the tea - there are a dozen tablecloths to wash and tons of napkins, not to mention re-integrating all my dishes back into my stash. I'm amazed at how women will just wipe their lipstick onto a cloth napkin. I used almost a whole bottle of stain remover on the napkins. I've had them soaking all day in a borax wash, so hopefully tonight I'll be able to finish them. I wonder what has happened to our society that we think this is appropriate behavior.

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