Saturday, December 30, 2006

I am in Little Rock, having my own little retreat. I arrived tonight in the midst of a rain storm that has been unrelenting. Fortunately, it was not raining hard until shortly before I arrived. I didn't even go out to dinner but ordered pizza from a local spot - Le Star Pizzaria. It was very good and I've spent the evening writing.

Journaling with pen and paper has been difficult for me over the last bit of my life but I know it is an essential for me to stay on track. So, a couple of nights ago I made myself do it. And again tonight. Of course, now that I'm started it seems hard to stop. That's good.

Tomorrow I will go to the Clinton Library. I have never visited a presidential library, although I live a little over an hour from the Eisenhower one. But, I thought Clinton's should be the first one I go to since he's the only president I've voted for who got into office.

Tomorrow night I'm going to stay here again, and go home on Monday. It's fortunate Terry can house-sit for me. That makes it easier to be gone.

My plan is to use tomorrow night to do some more soul searching. It's New Year's Eve and I do not want to be on the road with the drinkers, so I will be here. It's also a good time for contemplation.

I have identified some ugly things in me and I want to exorcise them before a new year begins. Always best to leave the past year behind and start with a fresh slate.

On the world stage, the country is mourning the loss of Gerald Ford. Regardless of what you thought of him and his politics, he was a man you could respect.

And, although it has been little more than a footnote, Saddam Hussein was hanged yesterday. I am afraid that is not going to be good for the soldiers in Iraq. I can't figure out why, exactly, but it seems any dramatic event is bad and that is certainly a dramatic event. I'm not sure what people feel has been accomplished by this, but I hope it doesn't lead to more deaths.

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