Sunday, December 31, 2006

I have been intending to post some photos from Christmas, but just haven't gotten around to it. I thought I'd best get it done before 2007 arrives. I have 61 minutes.

My packages this year were shiny red with silver snowflakes. I was tickled to find silver snowflake ornaments that were the perfect accompaniment. I used different kinds of silver ribbons to accent. It worked pretty well. Still not sure what I'm doing this coming year.

Even Mary Ann got into the spirit of matching paper and ornaments this year. Cathy says Kim and I are not getting to her, though. :)

The big news for me this Christmas was that I got to be with both my brothers. We took some pix together about 15 years ago and hadn't had any since. So, one night at Kim's when we were all there, we took some snapshots. That's me, Jim and Jackie.

I also got to see Johnny, who I hadn't seen in ages. That's him with his parents, Mattie and Jim.

I think we did something every night and while it's great fun, we were all starting to get worn out. I arrived on the 23rd. On the 24th we were at Cathy's. BC and his girlfriend, Kaitlyn, got to open a couple of presents and me too since I had a birthday present there.

Christmas day everyone was there and it was great fun. I think Dylan summed up the afternoon for us.

But, after a little rest, we were able to laugh a bit more the next day. Dylan's girlfriend, Whitney, and a bunch of others were playing a game. I'm blessed to come from a family where we laugh a lot.

We were all happy to see Mia again. Nic and Andy arrived the day after Christmas. Even though we'd just seen her in October she had grown - of course. She's now six months old.

She became the star of the show. None of us could leave her alone. The poor little thing likes to lay down and we barely give her a chance.

She is a really good baby - very laid back - and very easy going. Nic and Andy seem really happy and I am so impressed with their parenting. They're both attentive without over doing it - a perfect mix.

This is Mary Ann and Jackie's first great grandchild.

And it's Jackie and Kim's first grandchild.

Cathy, like the rest of us, can't get enough of her.

There are more photos, naturally, but I'm going to pack this in before 2007 arrives without me getting this online!

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