Thursday, September 13, 2007

Long Day

It has been a long day, starting with the governor's speech at the chamber breakfast meeting. Unfortunately, what we largely heard was other people talking about things I had no interest in instead of listening to the governor. They kept making announcements, including a long spiel about a Prairie Dunes event, instead of letting the governor talk. The reason there is a big turnout is because we want to see the governor. Duh. If the governor weren't there it would be the same crowd it usually is - much smaller. It was really rude to the governor. I don't know what the chamber was thinking.

But the day had some fun parts too. I had lunch with Trish and dinner with Sondra, so I worked in some friends.

I just finished up in the studio. I did a couple more things tonight I hadn't planned on. But, I just have about an hour of finish work tomorrow and they'll be ready to go. Of course, I have to pack things into the van and be ready to go. We're thinking of going over about 3 a.m. I never thought I'd be saying the phrase, "we need to leave by 3 at the latest" and be referring to 3 a.m.

I'm already in bed and it's very early for me. My plan is to get up very early in the morning and then go to bed very early tomorrow night so I'm somewhat with it on Saturday. I'm sure it will be an experience. Hopefully a good one.

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