Thursday, September 13, 2007

This evening was a productive one. Jocelyn came over with some things she wants me to carry in the van to the Hillsboro show for her and we talked for quite some time. She has been very helpful to me in figuring things out for the show.

I've got everything ready to go as far as pricing and such. I will do a couple more things tomorrow night and then that's it. I don't want to be up all night on Friday. In fact, Jocelyn and I were talking tonight that we are going to go over in the wee hours of the morning to set up. She said her Aunt has been before and although the show techincally starts at 9 that people are shopping by 7. So, we want to be prepared.

I also got to have dinner with Susan tonight. She's in town for the fair, helping at her husband's booth, and we had hoped to find a night for dinner. Hopefully I'll get to see her yet again this week. I sure miss having her in town.

Today I got the notice about the St. John tea. I'm looking forward to going. Jan, Julie and Susan and I are going. I tried to think of everyone I knew who is into tea - that goes to the MHA teas or that I know from other tea experiences and I came up with six people. So, four out of six available isn't bad. Julie and I have been before, but not anyone else as far as I know. It should be fun. Hard to believe early November is only six weeks away.

I know the rest of the year is going to zip by. I will start decorating for Christmas soon. Yeah, I know. But I like Christmas and I don't want to miss the season by having everything left to do then.

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