Friday, November 16, 2007

Saturday morning we will give out candy cane in the Hutchinson Christmas Parade. Both Wednesday and Friday afternoons I had volunteers helping me attach little tags to the candy canes promoting the Christmas Homes Tour.

The dinosaur has been washed. The signs have been printed. The candy canes are tagged. It's sort of like Santa making a list and checking it twice, but he's got all those little elves to help out.

In my case,  I have volunteers who help with the candy canes. I have Greg who ties the dino to the top of the van. I have friends who walk along and hand out candy to the kiddies and their parents. This year we also have some HCC students who are helping with candy cane dispersal.

It should be a fun morning.

After the parade I'm going to rest. It feels like I've not had a moment to stop for many months. I rarely feel tired, but I am exhausted. I think tired was happening in about May or June and it has progressed to exhausted, without me realizing it. I need to just be still. Just be still. Have some days off from work when I can just be still. Do things I want to do without any things I need to do. And rest.

I'm so overwhelmed with things I need/want to do that I can't sleep at night - even by my standards. Last night I went to sleep finally about 2:30 and woke up about 5:30. I kept trying to get back to sleep - and I did nap a bit - but I couldn't really sleep soundly. I haven't slept more than five hours a night in more weeks than I can count and often much less. My need for rest is becoming serious. Hopefully I will sleep tonight. I hope.

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