Saturday, July 12, 2008

Deadman Flats and an afternoon in Hutchinson Kansas

Deadman Flats was playing a concert today in Avenue A park. Some of these guys are originally from Hutchinson, but now live in Lawrence. They refer to their music as, "Bluegrass at its most inbred."

Even puppy dogs were enjoying the music.

We were under the gazebo at Avenue A park. We're so fortunate to have this beautiful space in town.

You may notice the raindrops in the water. They were followed by many, many more. And it was in the lower 60s. A little nippy - particularly for July.

They are obviously very talented guys.

I had gone with a hat to keep the sun off my face, and neglected to get a jacket or umbrella. Fortunately, when Greg came later he grabbed a sweater out of my car for me, and I was thankful for it.

Despite the weather, there was a good crowd for them, and for Tallgrass Express String Band, which started the concert. That group was formed through meetings at the Friday night jam sessions at the Emma Chase Cafe in Cottonwood Falls.

This is another great example of the large number of things going on in Hutchinson. Sometimes people say there's nothing to do. I think those people aren't looking very hard. Today I missed a cooking demonstration I wanted to go to because I was at the concert. Seems to me there's usually more than one thing to do at any given time.

Oh, by the way, this was free. Completely free. Show up was all people had to do.

Tonight there's another free concert with nearly a dozen bands performing.
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