Monday, July 14, 2008

Saturday Night on the Plains

Saturday night was a concert downtown Hutchinson, Kansas, organized by Jon Dennis, on the left in this photo. It was a free concert with about a dozen different performers, and an art auction.

All the performers were donating their time so all proceeds from the auction were going to the Central Kansas Tenants Association, a group Jon formed. I'm sorry to say Jon was leaving town later that night, after the concert. I'm really going to miss him.

One of my favorite things about an event like this is running into folks I know and having a chance to visit a bit.

No sooner had I arrived than I saw Greg, and Jade popped over to say hi.

Kate, Lovella, Ron and some others were talking about the Wiley Building.

Jason (left) and Mason (right) were there...

As was Mikaela, who found a young friend.

To top off the night, I won the auction for this beautiful watercolor.

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