Saturday, September 13, 2008

Alice Cooper Concert

Greg went to see Alice Cooper in Oklahoma recently. He and Mark had tickets to see him at the State Fair tonight. Greg tried to convince me to go. I resisted. Then Trish mentioned she wanted to see a concert. I pushed her into seeing Alice. The Mayor would never choose such a thing on her own, of course. So, that's how the four of us found ourselves at the Alice Cooper Concert at the Kansas State Fair tonight.

Trish and I were able to get tickets across the aisle from Greg and Mark. They had the end seats on one row. We had the beginning seats on the row across from them. As soon as Alice's shadow appeared behind this curtain everyone was on their feet so Greg and I were standing in the aisle all night.

Alice was... well... all you expect Alice to be. There were no snakes, I'm happy to say, but there was plenty to keep one's attention.

There was classic Alice... just like you saw on the Midnight Special.

How can you not love the theatre?

This is theatre... just a different kind than Shakespeare.

School's Out was a sing along. "Sing along" is not a phrase I expected to use in relation to Alice Cooper.

Alice's daughter, Calico, performs with him.

The family that... uh... well... uh... performs... uh... yeah, performs... the family that performs together stays together.

I was waiting for "I Wanna Be Elected," since I was with an elected official. An elected official who only went to an Alice Cooper concert to make me happy, of course. I'm sure she would never have gone to such a thing left to her own devices. Of course not. But, being the great friend she is, she went to make me happy. And then, since she was already there, decided she might as well try to enjoy herself. That's just the kind of person she is - always making the best of a situation.

Alice didn't do the song during the regular set, but ended his three-song encore with it. He dressed the part.

He has his own take on campaign slogans... not something Trish can use I don't think.

I couldn't resist a quick snapshot of Trish during the song.

See what a trooper she is?

In all seriousness, we all had a good time. I've never seen Alice in concert and let me tell you there is no down time at all. For a 60 year old man he's quite nimble. He may be downing handfuls of ibuprofen after the show, but during the show he's giving it his all.

Naturally Greg took these photos, except the one of Trish during the last song. After the concert, we were honored to have our photo taken with Ace Jackalope.

One of the things I love about my life is that it's full of fun surprises. It has been a whole lot of years since I went to a concert like this... a whole lot of years... I guess things come full circle.

However, the humor of watching "I Wanna Be Elected" performed live, while in the company of an elected official, is particularly fun. (Even if she did only go because I begged... BEGGED I tell you.)

It was a good night.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging this, though I didn't get around to reading it until Andrea S reminded me that you had. I was so sorry to miss this show. (And, by the way, tell Andrea S to start Twittering.)


Patsy Terrell said...

Alice puts on a great show. It was a fun night. I wish I could get everyone on facebook and twitter, but my success rate is not very good.