Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fair Coming to a Close

The fair ends on Sunday, but Saturday we spent the whole afternoon and evening out there. I hadn't had a chance to do all the things I wanted to do so took time to do that.

I looked at quilts in the domestic arts building...

I visited the "Little Man" at the Women's Christian Temperance Union booth. He turns his head, rings the bell, and points to the pages as they turn.

Hypnotist Ron Diamond suggested to this young lady that if she spun her hair around she could take off like a helicopter. Trust me, she gave it her all. She did not, however, take flight.

Tonight was the Joe Nichols and Jason Michael Carroll concert I won tickets to at the United Way event. I'm just not used to trying to take my own photos at such an event. I needed Greg.

Jason Michael Carroll was up first...

He reminds me of a rocker gone country, as do many folks these days. I don't mind that at all - he was fun.

There was quite a long delay inbetween while they reset the stage for Joe Nichols.

He does that song, "Tequila Makes her Clothes Fall Off." When he sang it at the end, someone threw a black bra up on the stage. Eventually he picked it up and hung it on the mic stand. I knew women flashed a lot at concerts these days. I didn't know anyone still threw their under-garments on stage. I thought that had ended in about 1981, but apparently I was incorrect.

If you're planning to see him in person and really want a good seat, he seems to like to sit on the edge of the stage on his right hand side. I don't know if that was just tonight, or if that's a pattern. He tends to crouch down on both sides a lot while he sings.

I was surprised at how many songs he did that were not his own. Well over half the concert I would guess. The most surprising to me was Nickelback's "I wanna be a rock star." He did it fine, but I love the original version. However, anyone who can play Merle Haggard and Nickelback in the same concert and keep the audience attention gets credit.

I met Julie at the concert and we had a good time. Afterwards, I went and met Greg and Mark and watched the speed painter for awhile.

I finished off the night with a Pronto Pup - not something I eat every year. Lets see how many antacids I need tonight to top it off.
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