Monday, November 10, 2008

The Annual Wiring of the Tree

Sunday night was time for the annual wiring of the tree to the wall. Greg, as usual, is a trooper. He squeezes in between the wall and the back of the tree, to wire it into eyelets in the baseboard to correct that serious lean you can see in this photo.

Of course, it's my fault it leans because I put more ornaments and lights on the front. So, this has just become part of the holiday season - wiring the tree into the wall. Greg even has a little song he sings as part of the ritual. Unfortunately, it's not something I can print here in polite company. Suffice it to say it encapsulates my unnatural love of things sparkly.

First is the inserting of your arm into the tree (the beast) to get the wire wrapped around the pole. Then I give the tree a good shove in the opposite direction of it's leaning, and Greg makes the initial tightening of the wire.

Then I step back and see if we've fully corrected and Greg finishes the wiring into the eyelet.

And then there's the joy of a job well done.

See, that was fun!
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Amy said...

Patsy...I had no idea...when you said "Christmas Fanatic"...I'm afraid of your tree. I fear for your electrical system. I fear for the structural stability of your house to support the lean of that thing. WOW.

Patsy Terrell said...

Not to worry. The house is stable and I now have TWO outlets on their own circuits to handle the power drain. :) I'm not done yet...

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of being helpful, I'd like to point out that this is only *November* 10, not December 10. You're a month early. Feel free to "power down" and save Hutch from having to build another power plant to keep you going.

The Grinch has spoken!

And that gawd-awful shirt Greg is wearing! If I were his brother -- which I am *not*! -- but if I were, I would be concerned about the image this projects of his family. But then, I am *not* his brother, so I guess he can wear any damn thing he pleases.

Patsy Terrell said...

Brace yourself, because I have news that may be difficult for you - there are other people who already have their Christmas trees up. Finished and everything. Mine is still a work in progress. But some folks already have them completed. Thanksgiving is late this year - leaving us less than a month for the Christmas season. We want to have a good, long time to enjoy all the work involved in putting together a tree.

I'll try to remember in the future when Greg is wiring the tree to have him wear something more festive. A Santa hat, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Never mind. He doesn't need to wear anything "festive." I guess the tiki shirt will be tolerable.

Well played, Patsy. Well played.

Ace Jackalope said...

Sigerson, I wear only the best that other people discard. Besides, that was my dark "formal" tiki shirt.

Amy, I'm not saying your fear is justified, but don't wear anything that can melt near that tree. Also, the magnetic field erases tapes and confuses compasses. If you need to tan, it can be beneficial.