Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Question Authority

Last night was Creative Sisterhood and it was an excellent evening. We did a group process Virginia had introduced us to, and then our usual sharing around the circle.

In addition to some other things, I mentioned the library book discussion I attended recently where the differences in southern and plains literature were considered. I shared not only the main discussion, but also the insights from blog comments. That's something I love about the blog - other people can share valuable information in this medium.

Virginia stopped by tonight to pick up something she forgot last night and it was lovely to visit with her for awhile. Unfortunately, tonight she forgot her coat, which I'm afraid she will miss. Although, I guess I get another visit with her soon.

I had lunch with Kathy today and she asked me about my photo being on the front page of the paper the day after the election and if I was OK with it. I said, sure - besides, I'm not sure there was much choice in the matter. I think I was the only one in the group overcome by tears. Actually, it's flattering that my photo is on the front page with Obama's photo.

However, I've been amazed at the hatred that has come my way since then. I've been called names. I've had people sling racial slurs at me. I've had my basic character questioned. I've been flipped off in traffic. I'm guessing that last one is from the Obama sticker in my back window. I guess it wasn't threatening until he was actually elected. Resoundingly. By a huge margin.

I ran into Kathie from the democratic party at Target later, and we walked out to our cars together. As we're standing there chatting, someone walked by her vehicle with Obama stuff on it and looked at us, her hand raised in victory, and said, "Yes We Did!"

Conservatives are the majority here - although not by as huge a margin as they seem to think - but they are not the majority in this nation. Not anymore. We have had a national referendum and the vote is in - racism is out, war-mongering is out, neo-con is out, disregard for the environment is out, health-care as a privilege is out, Guantanamo is out - and it's a mandate, not just a slight majority. Senator John McCain, during an appearance on the Leno show tonight said, "One thing Americans don't want is a sore loser."

I couldn't agree more.

I'm trying really hard to remain above the fray, but I gotta tell you it's difficult. For eight years people have been telling me that if I don't like the president I should get out of the country. I'm really having to bite my tongue from saying the same thing to the people who are calling me names. But, I don't think that makes us a better country. Why? Because every president needs to be questioned. All authority needs to be questioned. And that includes anyone I voted for.
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