Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Parade in Hutchinson Kansas

Today was the annual Christmas parade in Hutchinson, Kansas. It's always the Saturday before Thanksgiving and Santa makes his arrival as part of the parade. It's almost as if he is the Grand Marshall of the parade. And who better, really?

I watched from about Second and Main, near my office building. Of course, the Hutchinson High School Marching Band played. Our marching band has an angel playing.


And, at least two elves...

Later in the parade was one of my favorites - this dance group. They were so cool. I didn't see a banner indicating what group they were representing, but I loved it.

I'm not sure if the appropriate term for this dance is stepping or not, but it's the only term I know. They were a dance drill team, essentially, but with the movements you expect in stepping. There was also a caller, that you can see  in the background here in the black outfit.

Maybe someone will correct me if I'm wrong about the terminology. I loved their presentation. I could have watched them all day.

This little guy was standing a few feet away from me during the parade and was loving everything. He kept wanting to run out into the street. His adults had to keep corralling him. But, I love that sort of enthusiasm.

He was so cute people were coming over to give him and his sister/cousin/whatever candy.

Kathie did an entry for the democrats, as usual. She is so devoted. And she's very artistic so she comes up with some great entries. That's Nancy on the left and Cam on the right.

I loved year's entry...

Trish was walking with them, along with Rocco, who's name these days is "Ba-Rocco."  I guess Rocco is the official first-dog in Hutchinson. His duties include walking in parades, greeting residents and sniffing things.

Any parade has to have a selection of unusual vehicles...

I was taken with this little Shriner's vechile...

And real men do drive pink cars...

The phone number on this one was four numbers.

Bill Drews, who owns D and D Honey, which stands for Drews and Daughters, has the honey-mobile.

And there were tractors...

And this unusual moving present - I assume this is an ATV under there.

I appreciated the D and D Towing motto - When Santa Breaks down he calls them.

Antique firetrucks...

The Phoenician Salon and Day Spa had a great float, which included Lelani there under the hair dryer. She's one of our favorite Applebee's servers. It was fun to see her in a different environment.

If you can find them... unicycles add another dimension to the parade.

Greg took this photo of me at the parade.

You can tell a few things from it...
1. It was a little chilly today
2. I didn't put on any makeup - that is natural color in my cheeks, otherwise known as "wind burn."
3. I really am like a four-year-old. It's just that I can drive my own vehicle and pack my own bag of toys when I go somewhere.
4. I should learn to put on makeup or, alternately, learn to not put my photo on the world wide web.

Of course, parades always end with horsies. At least here.

And this one came complete with jingle bells.

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