Monday, November 24, 2008

Writing on the World Wide Web

For nearly five years I've been writing on the world wide web almost every day. Even I don't remember all the things I've written about here.

Much of it is the "chronicle of daily life," as I'm fond of classifying it. Then some of it is more "reporting," about an event or lecture. There's the "opinion" category, which is really what all blogging is, but specifically in this case it's often about something political. And then there's what I refer to as "philosophical," which is when I share something I've been thinking about for one reason or another.

Those philosophical bits are the ones I often find most interesting in rereading. But they are just another post in a month's worth of entries, and don't jump out for any particular reason. So, unless I have reason to go back hunting for something I don't run across them.

Today Barbara wrote and told me she had gone back to January of 2007 and started reading my blog from that point forward. (Needless to say, I'm incredibly flattered by this.)

She was very taken with a post called, "Broken." I had no memory of what it was from the title and had to go look it up online. It's one of those "philosophical" posts. I think those are generally of much more interest to me than to anyone else, so it's good someone else found something valuable in it.

It prompts me to think that it would be interesting - for me, and maybe only me - to pull those sorts of posts together in one place. That's yet another thing that would be great to do with the blog/website/etc. Unfortunately, there's a very long list of those. And rarely do I have the time or motivation to do any of them.

But, it's a nice idea, nonetheless.
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