Friday, November 21, 2008

A Festive Day

This morning I did the MHA's table display for the Downtown Tablescape contest. Last year I did a Snowman theme in a window and it was way too much. So, this year I said it would have to be much simpler. I started with the white fire king and just worked from there. Frank's Frame Shop is hosting the display.

The weirdest thing was when I went to do the flatware, I realized the writing on the knives was on the wrong side - so it would face up when placed on the table in the proper place. So, I reversed the sides for the fork and knife/spoon. I wasn't sure what to do. Basically, there is no way to properly set a table using this flatware. Although I rarely set a proper table, it's nonetheless distressing to realize that even manufacturers don't know how to do it anymore. Either the knife had to be turned the wrong way in relation to the plate, or the writing had to be visible, or the place setting had to be reversed. Maybe I made the wrong choice and should go change it. Odd. Obviously, I haven't used this flatware much. Or ever, maybe.

When I was loading the extra stuff into my car I noticed something festive happening across the street. They were putting up the downtown holiday wreaths. It was quite a process.

They had to mount the poles it was secured onto and then hoist the wreath into place and secure it on top, and then on the bottom. It was chilly enough I didn't watch the end of the process but got out of the wind.

After work I decorated a bit more around the house and cleared the dining room table off because Trish, Andrea and Diana were coming over tonight to do Christmas cards.

It's time for me to get some sleep now. I want to have some energy left after work tomorrow night to work on the novel. Yes, I know, another exciting Friday night on tap for me. I'm such a party animal. I'll be the one hunched over the keyboard. Or, if things get really exciting, writing edits in the margins of the hard copy.
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