Thursday, November 20, 2008

We All Need Some Holiday Cheer

These are the ornaments that are my package tags this year. I first did this in the early 90s and started out simple, writing everyone's name on one of those little red apples they used to sell as ornaments. I haven't seen those in awhile now that I think about it. They didn't last long, so maybe that's why.

Then I progressed to making them.One year I sewed stockings. They're really cute, but I was working on them up to the last minute. One year I made little gingerbread men from cinnamon dough and Bobby Clark wrote the names on them. He was a little guy at the time, so it adds to the charm to have his handwriting on them. The only rules were that they had to be able to have everyone's name and the year on them. A couple of years ago I decided not to put the names on them and found myself Christmas morning with a sharpie, trying to do that, because Cathy and Kim both wanted names on them. Lesson learned.

This year I found these stars at Hobby Lobby when they first put the Christmas stuff out. I bought them the first time their stuff was half off. I'm so glad I did because I haven't seen anymore. I wasn't sure how I would get the names on them but then tonight I ran across these Martha Stewart hangers and realized the problem was solved. I'm very happy with how they turned out. I haven't attached them to the presents yet, but I think they'll go nicely with my theme this year.

As you might guess, the ornaments have to match the paper, which has to coordinate with the ribbon. Last year it was the cream colored star paper, that I loved, with star ornies (I love stars!). The year before it was the red foil with silver snowflakes, and those wonderful snowflake ornies that were just perfect. In 2005 it was this translucent paper with old fashioned ornaments printed on it. I had to wrap the presents with white paper under that but it was a cool look. I can't recall what the ornament was that year and the close up photo of the presents I have doesn't show the ornies. I'll have to go hunt on the tree.

Yes, I know this isn't a life or death matter. But, good grief, I want to think about something happy instead of the continual gloom and doom I hear every time I turn on the TV. Avoidance? Perhaps. I'm a big believer in avoidance as a coping technique and I think others are engaging in it too.

I've had multiple people tell me they want to have a "Christmasy-ier Christmas" this year. In no cases does that mean an expensive, extravagant Christmas - just more Christmas. If ever we needed a holiday season, it's this year. And for those of us here, who lost a large part of our holiday season last year due to the ice storm (more than a week without power for me in the heart of the season), it seems to be an intense desire.

So, I'm engaging in the holidays full force. I'm finishing up my cards tomorrow evening with friends. I'm hoping to get a bit more decorating done after work before they come over. At the very least I need to move the piles of plastic tubs away from the dining room table so we can use it. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and hope to entertain a great deal during the holiday season and enjoy time with friends and family in the coming month.

For those of you who are Kansas Country Living readers, I'm hoping to see some of you on December 6 at my home. I'm extending the invitation to blog readers as well. December 6 from 3-6 I'm opening my home to share the Christmas decorations with everyone. If you want to come, please RSVP to me so I have some idea how many to prepare for and I'll send you the details. I'll be making dessert. You do not need to bring anything except yourself. You can email me at if you're able to come. Hope to see you then. I'm really looking forward to meeting some readers.
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