Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween

Hope you had a lovely Halloween. As usual, Greg decorated my house and we gathered here to hand out candy. He outdid himself this year - with some new additions, and some old favorites like the fog machines.

Mark and Mia are both here for Halloween. Sharon and Amy came over and Brian and Lisa stopped by for awhile. It was a really fun evening.

That's Amy in the purple in front, and Sharon beside her. Then Mia and me, and Lisa in the back.

As usual, I had difficulty deciding what to be for Halloween. I debated being a farmer, but it was really warm, so I went with the gypsy idea instead.

It started really slow - we only had one trick or treater until after 7 and then it was a pretty steady flow.

My former neighbors, Alex and Nicole, came by with their four little boys. They're all in school now. Justin, the oldest, is in 6th grade and the youngest is in kindergarten. It was really good to see them. One of the boys told me they missed me. I miss them, too. 

We saw some really, really cute costumes tonight. One little girl about four was a witch and she was the cutest kid I've seen in ages. I wanted to tell her parents - get this kid an agent - she is adorable.

One of the funnier moments of the night was when these folks came toward the porch ...

Mark said, "ah, Insane Clown Posse..." as they were walking up. They were so excited they started running over toward Mark, to shake his hand, because he knew the band. It was a really fun moment.

They were one of only two or three groups of older kids, and all the ones we had tonight were really fun like them. It was a neat evening.

Greg, in addition to doing all the decorating, took these photos. I'm sure he'll be posting more over at eventually.
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