Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Weekend of Friends

Kris and I took another "cute girl pic" tonight. We forgot to do one last time we were together, so we had to make up for it tonight.

Kris, John, Andrea and I went to eat at the Renaissance Cafe in Assaria, Kansas tonight. The food was fabulous! They had all been before, but it was my first time. The population in Assaria is less than 450, but they are serving some wonderful food there. The cafe is the upper level of a sunken gym. It's an unusual setting but a great experience.

At some point during the evening, we realized it was "jean jacket night" because all of us were wearing them.

John, however, did not get the telepathic message about the jackets. He and Kris are such a great couple.

My favorite photo of the night was this candid of John and Kris...

Mark, Mia and Greg went to an Exotica concert in Lawrence tonight. I already had plans to go to Assaria, but that isn't exactly my thing anyway. Mark is going on home to Kansas City but Greg and Mia will be back yet tonight.

Greg still has Halloween things to take home. He did quite the extravaganza last night. I snapped this photo of him working on setup Thursday. That's a real tiki mask - not plastic - wood. Heavy sucker, too.

Last night was a really fun gathering of friends - not to mention getting to hand out candy. I grew up in the country, where there was no handing out of candy because there were no trick or treaters, so I still get an unnatural thrill out of it. It's so fun to see the kids in their costumes. And I remember how incredibly cool it was to fill up your pumpkin with candy. Oh my gosh, it was so fun. So, I like being on the other side of that.

I got a lovely surprise when I walked out of the house yesterday. The night before Greg, Mia, Sharon and I had gone out to get a bite to eat and I had been debating what to be for Halloween. One of my options was "farmer," which I thought would be warm and could involve the jeans and jean shirt I already had. I was lamenting I didn't have the appropriate straw hat. Sharon said she had one I could borrow.

When I walked outside yesterday, right by my front door I found...

Sharon is so kind and generous. This is the same Sharon who gave me the gorgeous purple mum I shot a few days ago. I want to plant it so it will come back next year.

Anyway, it was a lovely surprise. You know I adore happy surprises! I ended up not using the hat because it was too warm to be wearing jeans. The pumpkins really added a lot to the decor. Hopefully I'll get to enjoy them through Thanksgiving.

Fun with Friends... A lovely weekend so far. And, tomorrow, I get to go to tea with Teresa, Jan and Julie. Of course, you can expect tea photos.

This is the St. John tea where last year I met Barry Ward, who was performing. Andrea told me tonight that she saw Barry at Winfield and he remembered me and said to say hello. I was flattered he remembered me at all. Not sure what the entertainment there is tomorrow, but this is always a fun tea.

Isn't it funny how things just work in circles sometimes? I love that.
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