Friday, January 23, 2009

The Handwork of Vintage Potholders

Vintage potholders are one of the things I'm always hunting for when I go to thrift or antique stores. I've gathered most of these around here. One of the joys of living in this area is that many, many, many of the older ladies around here still do handwork. These potholders are generally in pretty decent condition. I think they were more decoration than hard-working tools.

I love going to the MCC sale every year, and always find some treasures when I do. There is still real quilting happening here - by hand - too. Knitting, crocheting and embroidery can all be spotted and I love that. When a society forgets how to make things something significant is lost.

I love it that ladies here still know how to take some crochet thread and a needle and make something as colorful and charming as these. I long for the days when newspapers and magazines carried patterns for these little jewels. Truth be told, I'm not likely to make any myself - although I have bought some old patterns, and recently picked up some old metal crochet hooks - but I absolutely love the idea that this creation is still happening.
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