Saturday, January 24, 2009

Meetings, McPherson and Christmas

My day started with a meeting this morning about an idea I have that I'm trying to get others on board with. I think it would be really cool for our community. We'll see how it develops - if it does. At the very least, I think I saved some trouble for a friend who was going to be in a position of having an aspect of her job take far more time than was expected. If it goes anywhere, I'll have more to say. If not, I'll just chalk it up to a learning experience. Life is full of those, it seems.

I got to have lunch with Trish today, and hear all about her trip to the inauguration. It was amazing, incredible, and every other adjective you might imagine. She also brought me the coolest present from DC - an Obama Ornament. It says "Yes We Can" at the top, "President Obama" at the bottom and has "Jan. 20, 2009" off to the side. Sorry the photo isn't better, but I haven't taken it out of the plastic yet.

I may have to do a whole tree around this ornament next year. Maybe a white tree with red and blue ornaments and some flags and maybe some stars, with this as the centerpiece. We'll see. I might also just add it to the main tree. It's such a cool thing and the PERFECT present for me. I have such great friends.

Tonight Greg and I went up to McPherson, about 30 miles from here. The Buttonhole, this great fabric store, is going out of business and has everything on sale. I've always loved this store - more than 12,000 bolts of fabric. Even though I'm not a quilter, I liked to drop in and look at the material. They cite the economy as the reason they're closing. It's a pity. And it's going to leave a big hole in downtown McPherson.

I bought some cool batik fabric I thought would make a great summer dress. Now, whether or not I'll actually get that done is another question. But, it would make a great summer dress. Greg picked up some fabric for Ace.

Afterwards, we went to the Main Street Deli, one of our favorite spots there. They have great sandwiches and soups. We sat there and talked for quite a while and played with the camera.

In light of all this medical news the last couple of weeks, Greg and I are both feeling a need to "circle the wagons." We've spent a lot of time together doing nothing in particular, just hanging out. Neither of us can explain why we feel this need, but we're both feeling it. I think maybe it's just because we're so focused on the medical stuff.

And, it's not exactly pleasant conversation so I've been hesitant to discuss it with people too much in person. Here people can read it or skip it. That's harder to do when someone is holding you captive in person. So, I'm trying to not be the person making everyone wish they could gracefully get away.

When we came out of the deli in McPherson it was snowing. It looked like it might really amount to something so although we had planned a trip to Walmart to see what they had left in their Christmas section we aborted that plan and headed back to Hutchinson.

When we were going through Inman we couldn't help but notice this...

It's strung between two phone poles, with every light lit up, so it must be a new addition to the landscape. Maybe it's someone who's happy about the election or maybe it's someone who's just feeling patriotic. Regardless of the reason, I pulled over and Greg hopped out to take this photo with the grain elevator in the background.

When we were approaching Hutchinson I pulled into Walmart to grab some AAA batteries for a little book light I bought yesterday, and some gatorade. An hour later, this is what my cart looked like.

They had their remaining Christmas stuff 75% to 90% off. I got some ornaments to go on the blue, white and silver tree. And some lights and some other things.

I would like to state for the record, that I did remember to get the batteries and gatorade.

I'm going to spend the weekend doing last minute things around the house that I want done before surgery, and getting everything ready. Monday will be a day of preparations and of course Tuesday morning I go into the hospital. Frankly, I'm amazed at how calm I am about it. One of my first prayers about the situation was to have peace about it, and it seems that has been granted. I have been working hard during the day and sleeping soundly at night.  I'm still very optimistic, but I will be thrilled to hear the word "benign."
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Anonymous said...

GOD BLESS YOU PATSY!!! nuff said about that...

Can you post a pic of the batik fabric? I saw the most beautiful hand dyed purple pattern online the other day and thought, wow--that would make a beautiful prairie skirt. Of course I'm not that crafty so it's kinda a non-issue....

Patsy Terrell said...

You may have dodged a bullet, girl. I'll try to get a pix of the fabric. It's still in the car I think. :)