Sunday, February 01, 2009


Greg here. Patsy was quite touched that Mark (left) and Carl and Kris from the Kansas City area drove down Saturday. They not only visited Patsy in the hospital, but made a stop in Hutchinson first to stock her refrigerator with home made meal portions that they, and Mark's mom, had made.

Another random act of kindness was a visit by Nichole, who had been Patsy's patient care tech earlier in the week. Nichole wasn't working Patsy's section but wanted to stop by and check on her anyway.

Overall, Saturday was a pretty quiet day with emphasis on the monitoring of Patsy's reaction to the betapace medication for heart arrhythmia. This is being done through daily EKGs and telemetry constantly broadcast from a portable unit she wears.

Funny to think that with units like these, we are literally broadcasting heartbeats as electronic signals all over the place. Kind of nice and primal, I think, when you consider all the other stuff with which we clutter the airwaves.

You know you're in Patsy's room when the IV drip units are plugged into a green Christmas power bar.

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