Sunday, February 01, 2009


Patsy here - I'm going home tomorrow. Today I've had some a fib but a new cardiologist called in says its probably related to the overall trauma of the body going thru surgery and will go back to normal. He also said the new med will do a better job of controlling it.

So they will change my meds a bit but it seems there's no long term problem although I do obviously need a cardiologist. maybe this guy is it.

They disconnected my iv pole today and started giving me percoset by mouth. It makes me tired but does kill the pain.

Overall I feel ready to go home tomorrow and get settled in there. I'm up most of the day every day and feeling decent but of course not doing much. But I will be able to take care of basic things which is good.

The incision is from my pubic bone up to my belly button and makes a question mark loop around my belly button. The sorest part is the belly button where they fixed the hernia.

This surgery to remove a tumor ended upbeing four surgeries in one. Tumor out, hysterectomy, hernia fixed, and appendectomy. Wow. I'm feeling very fortunate.

Now I'm hopefully getting a better answer to the a fib as well. I'm so thankful for all the care I've received up to this point. So very thankful.
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Anonymous said...

More wonderful news! Your readers are also very thankfull that all went so splendidly.
Now its on to home and a speedy recovery. Looking forward to reading you once again in your Patsy mode.

Big Canadian fan,