Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Really... I'm doing well

Today I've had three people ask me if what I'm saying on the blog about how things are medically is really true. Am I really OK? Yes. I am. I'm healing very well. More than one doctor is surprised at my recovery. They all agree it's because I was so active during my hospital stay and since then. (Say it with me now... "people who are ambulatory after surgery have far less risk of blood clots."

The incision is all healed up. I'm starting to bend more, which is good. Tomorrow is six weeks, which means I can increase my activity level after tomorrow. I'm feeling good overall.

I have been completely truthful here about the situation, recovery, etc. I'm not hiding anything. I really am doing well and I appreciate everyone's continued good thoughts, prayers and well wishes.

I went to see the cardiologist today. I had yet another EKG. I've lost track of how many that makes in the last six weeks - they must be a miracle test. He listened to my heart, felt my pulse, declared my a-fib nothing more than an annoyance, and told me to come back in six months. I was hoping for a better solution, but "annoyance" is much better than "problem," so I am just going to be thankful for it and hope the medication continues to work better as time goes on.

So, that's the medical update for those who have said I'm not providing enough info. I'm just healing more every day and being careful to not overdo. Every week or two I wake up one day and feel significantly better than I did the day before. Overall it's going well.
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