Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sandhills State Park

It was a sunny day today and I wanted to take advantage of it. So, I took a late lunch and drove out to Sandhills State Park north of town for a walk on the trail.

This time of year there isn't a lot of color in the landscape yet, but there is plenty of texture. Today I was struck by the different kinds of tree bark you could find on a quick walk.

As is often the case, I had the whole place to myself, even on a gorgeous day.

I did some other errands today, too. I've had two good days in a row now. Mark is headed down for the weekend, so I hope I feel good tomorrow and Sunday too. He's coming down so we can all go see the Watchman movie together. I haven't read it, but they tell me it's going to be good. And Wil Wheaton likes it, and I tend to agree with his assessments most of the time, so I'm betting I'll like it too.

Otherwise, the day was work and a couple of other experiences. One was a Dillard's employee seeking me out and it seeming there was a real reason. The other was a stop at a yard sale.

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