Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mark arrived this evening about 10. We sat down and started talking and when he went in to get a drink I heard him exclaim, "Patsy, it's almost two o'clock." I couldn't believe that was the case. I was thinking maybe midnight. But, no, it was 1:48.

So, he sprang into action getting prepared for bed. He's the ultimate house guest. Get this - he brings his own bed. Yes, it's true. He brings his own inflatable bed. Generally he headquarters in my downstairs su nporch but it has become the greenhouse, and most of the floor space is taken up with plants, so he's setting up in the dining room.

I, of course, had been talking and hadn't yet blogged, something I feel a need to do every day, even if blogger does not see fit to post it quickly. It's only those of you reading at who might be seeing delayed posts. Live Journal et al don't rely on ftp. There were people already complaining about it in the blogger forums. And I was one of them. Isn't it amazing what we expect for free these days? Certainly a paradigm shift.

Greg and Mia are off on a trip. Greg tells me he got a photo of the Lope tonight with Alice Cooper. They're also getting to visit with my friend, Jay, who's at the same convention. Mark is on a weekend trip here, of course. It all makes me want to be a trip too. But, I'm not. I'm at home. And, I love being at home, too. I just need a little something to look forward to. But, alas, this is not the season in my life for travel. But soon. Soon it will be my season to travel. Soon. It must be my season to travel soon.

It's my season for sleep right now. I got up pretty early this morning and we have a full Saturday. We're going to the Hutchinson Art Show in the morning and then headed to the Sampler Festival later in the day. I'll be tweeting - with pix - if possible!

Be sure and do something fun on your Saturday. Otherwise, Monday morning will arrive and you'll be wishing you'd made some fun memories to carry you through the work week. This past week was a difficult one for me so I need some fun to make up for that AND some fun to get through the coming one. I hope I can cram that much into one weekend. Obviously, I've decided to give up on sleep. As usual. At some point in my life I will sleep - like normal people do - many hours every night and all.

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