Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sampler Festival in Concordia

This is Marci Penner, the brains behind The Sampler Festival, which showcases all kinds of tourist attractions in Kansas. If you're anywhere near Kansas, you can enjoy the Sampler Sunday, May 3. It's in the park at Concordia and the cost is only $5. It's worth every penny. Get thee to Concordia on Sunday if at all possible!

Marci is devoted to preserving rural culture in Kansas and works with eight different categories of things ranging from cuisine to architecture. You can read more on her website for the Kansas Sampler Foundation.

Ultimately, if you have any interest in rural life, you would do yourself a favor by sitting down and reading that entire website. You'll get a little glimpse into Marci's brain. And let me tell you, it's a brain worth delving into. You'll find a ton of wisdom there about how rural communities can make the most of what they have and preserve a way of life.

During the sampler festival, Marci does what she calls "Stumpin' for Kansas." It's one of my favorite parts. She has questions about various spots around the state and everyone who answers a question correctly gets a ticket. Then there's a drawing for a goodie basket at the end of the session and someone gets a nice prize.

Mark, here in the far left of the photo, is excellent at this game. Me, not so good. I'm pleading that I can't think about what Marci is asking and also take a photo every few seconds, which I did. The reality is that I just don't retain details very well, so I'm not good at any kind of trivia game. Remember - you don't ever want me on your team for trivia. A word game? Yes. Trivia? No.

It was a really fun day. Not only did I get to see lots of cool exhibits, but I also ran into some folks I knew. John Divine and I were having a wonderful conversation.

I ran into Andrea and Roger...

And lots of other folks. I also saw some booths of cool places I want to go to.

I'll have more photos to share. But, there were men in kilts, women in watermelon hats, people roping and other people playing music. You need to go if it's at all possible for you.

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