Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jolly Mill near Granby Missouri

This afternoon Greg, his girlfriend Mia, his Mom and I went to Jolly Mill near Granby, Missouri. There's an old mill there, as well as this waterfall, and some cool walkways and bridges.

I was quite taken with the greenery on the side of the old mill.

Of course, you knew I couldn't be in nature for any amount of time without seeing...

I swear, the things look for me. Greg jokes that they're slithering around saying "paaatsssssssy" and I think he's right. We heard a kid say, "Look, there's a snake!" Miss Joy was ahead of me and saw it in the water first. I walked the few feet over to where she was and - I'm not joking - it turned and started swimming toward me. She said later she thought it was going to come out of the water and she was getting ready to retreat. Why oh why do they like me so much? I can't stand them. I just want to coexist peacefully, hopefully unaware of each other's existence. But, alas, that is not to be.

They scare me and I can't help it. And, the fact that one of them bit my ankle a few years ago did nothing to improve our relationship.

This is a neat area with some nice walkway bridges over the water in various places, as well as this old iron bridge that I'm guessing was used for cars at one time.

There were lots of families out with lots of fishing going on. I don't get the fishing thing, but I think it's just great for others to do it. Obviously, I could never do it even if I wanted to, because the snakes would be circling around me all the time.

Miss Joy and Mia saw another snake by the mill. I had been over there and wandered away. No doubt it was just trying to figure out where I had gone and find a way to get to me.

And... my own self portrait...

Yeah, I thought it was funny too...

Much, much funnier than snakes swimming toward me.

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