Monday, June 15, 2009

Joplin and Mechanical Woes

We're in Joplin for a few extra hours. Greg and I were loading the car and were putting in - literally - the last two items. He unlocked the trunk with his key so I could put them in, and the key got stuck in the open position. So, the trunk will not close.

We putzed with it for quite a while and finally decided to just give it up and stop messing with it. There was tons of rain between Joplin and Hutch so we couldn't tie it shut enough to keep the water out for a five hour trip back. So, we unpacked the computers and settled back in for a few more hours.

I'm in the market for a Joplin mechanic in the morning. My guess is this is a very simple thing to fix, but we don't have the knowledge or tools to do it.

Unfortunately, I had a really busy Monday on tap, most of which required me to be there in person. So, I'll just do the best I can do with things remotely - already have done some tonight - and have to cram a bunch more into Tuesday than I had wanted. But, so it goes... Not much I can do about the whims of mechanical devices. This is not a problem I've ever seen before so just gotta roll with it.

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