Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I've never thought of myself as a planner. If you plan everything out, you're not likely to go beyond the plans. And, generally, I think people don't dream big enough. So, a plan can hold you back.

That said, I am a list maker. I realize this is a sort of plan. It's a roadmap of the day/week/month and what needs to happen. I also like to have some idea of where I'm headed in the next day/week/month/year if there are things happening that require some lead time. And how many things don't require some lead time? So, in that sense I suppose I'm a planner. I just like to leave room for those happy surprises that come along.

I'm also an obsessive calendar person. If you tell me about something that's happening next February, I'm going to get it on the calendar so nothing gets scheduled over it. I have never understood how some folks never seem to have anything on their calendars. You'll be talking about getting together for something and you'll suggest a date and people will just say, "Okay, that's fine," without consulting a calendar. How do people do that? It just amazes me they can remember their schedule like that, and/or that they don't have anything on their calendar.

I've always got things on my calendar - from the downtown art walk to lectures to work-related events. How is it that others don't have to keep a schedule? How does that work? Inquiring minds want to know. It seems quite wonderful to be able to just let the wind take you where it will on any given day.

Today has been one of those days where my list/plan for the day was completely tossed out, destroyed, and overridden by noon. It was a good day - just not the day I had planned for.

It caused me to joke on twitter that planning is obviously a waste of my time. Then as I thought about that in the back of my mind this afternoon I started to consider if that's a joke or a universal truth I've stumbled upon. Maybe those folks who never have to look at their calendar have figured out something that has eluded me. I need to cozy up to one of them and learn their secrets.

Maybe I, too, can be one of those people without a single worry when someone suggests brunch on the 23rd. I can effortlessly say, "sure, that sounds perfect." Now, I just have to get someone to start suggesting brunch. I'll pencil that in on my to-do list.

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