Monday, June 01, 2009


I had my first salad out of the garden today. It was a small salad, but good, with some arugula, sorrel and salad burnet, combined with some feta cheese and pine nuts. I needed to do something grounding today so worked in the garden a little bit.

This has been a weird day for those of us who live near Wichita. Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed in his church this morning. He has been targeted by abortion opponents for years, and been a victim of attempted murder, but it's a shock nonetheless.

I found out about this shortly after Greg called to tell me his Aunt died this morning She was a nun in retirement in Omaha. I'm so very proud of Greg for heading to Omaha when she started fading. He was with her when she passed and I'm so glad he was there. I know he will be glad he went. It is an honor to attend the dying.

Tonight, there was a shooting in a small town north of here. Details are sketchy but it appears two people are dead in that incident.

All of this makes me think about how important it is to live fully every day. I'm guessing Dr. Tiller wasn't thinking it could be his last day on Earth when he was getting ready for church this morning. None of us ever know. In "The Geography of Bliss," someone gives the author the advice to contemplate his own death 10 minutes every day. I assume the idea is that you will then be aware of its possibility and live more fully.

I haven't been out of my house today other than to my backyard. It has just been a day when I didn't want to mix with other folks very much. I have to try to make sense of things on my own, I guess. So I've worked around the house and read and thought.

I'm working on making new dreams for myself, just as I suggested to a friend. It seems so easy, and yet there are so many layers to it. But it's definitely time for me to be doing that, too. So much to think about.

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lillie said...

Patsy, don't know if the problem is on my side only, or on your site. The last two days your blog has appeared over the wallpaper, making it almost impossible to read. Before, it was in a white area. Just thought I'd inquire.


Patsy Terrell said...

THANK YOU for letting me know. It looks normal on my screen, of course. Sometimes the different browsers look at things differently. I was messing with the template the other day. I'll work on it again and lmk if it fixes it or stays the same. Unfortunately, I have no way to tell because it all looks normal to me!

lillie said...

Don't spend a lot of time messing with it Patsy, especially if no one else has experienced the same problem. It is probably my Foxfire browser that has decided to get wacky. I've been considering deleting it from the computer and starting over, or going to Yahoo or something else, since it has given me some trouble recently. I just thought I'd mention it, in case it was something else.

Patsy Terrell said...

No, I want to know... I want it to work for everyone. I won't get a chance to look at it until tonight but I'll see what I can find. :)