Sunday, September 06, 2009

Life By To-Do List

I start and end every day with a to-do list. Unfortunately, it rarely gets shorter. It just gets messier until I have to rewrite it, getting rid of the crossed out items and giving the ones I've jotted down in the margins their own line.

If something has been on a few to-do lists without getting done I put it on the "long term" list - a separate list that contains things I think are good ideas but that I just can't get to right now.

I'm always amazed at people who don't keep lists. How do they ever remember what they need to do? Are you one of those people? If so, please tell me what the secret is.

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CTerrell said...

You surely have rubbed off on BC. He makes lists everyday - I'm very proud of him. He likes to stay organized that way and I encourage him all the time that a "TO DO LIST" is a great start to great future.