Sunday, September 06, 2009

Senator Keith Ellison of Minnesota Speaks Truth

Senator Keith Ellison of Minnesota has become one of my favorite representatives this morning after seeing him on CNN with John King. He was talking about health care reform and he's the first person I've seen, on either side of the issue, who just spoke the truth. Not the politically appropriate truth, just the truth. Hallelujah. Finally, someone who will just speak the truth.

I won't try to summarize all he said, but I encourage you to find it online and watch it. It's a brief interview and Senator Ellison speaks truth.

The truth is that insurance companies have a monopoly in many places, particularly in large cities and small states. For example, in Vermont, about 98% of people are insured by Blue Cross. What possible motivation would they have to price themselves competitively? It's ridiculous to believe they would.

We need options so insurance companies have to compete. What that looks like is up for debate, but we need options and the "free" market has not offered that. The free market has organized itself into discrete monopolies.

Two things Sen. Ellison mentioned, that I'm paraphrasing, that I liked were:
Government is good. I got here on a government funded road. I went to a university supported by the government.
Why must liberals always cave? Everyone needs to compromise some so we get to a workable solution.

I know nothing about Sen. Ellison, but as of a few minutes ago I am dubbing him an "up and comer" to be watched. If he can survive in the political climate actually speaking truth, he could do some wonderful things.

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