Sunday, September 06, 2009

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

When I go to my favorite burger spot here - Skaets - I always order a moon burger. It's really a bacon-cheeseburger, but they starting calling it the moon burger in 1969 and it has stuck. As with most things, there's a certain way I like it prepared and they're so good to me.

Lisa, who's section we always try to sit in, told me she just wrote "Patsy" on the ticket if it was the normal crew, because they all know I want it extra well done, with no red left in the meat, grilled onions, extra pickles, and extra crispy fries. The other night I took a photo of the ticket to share..

There's something comforting in being a regular. Cheers made a whole TV series off the concept. While that was fictional, the idea is a solid one we can all relate to. Of course, smart people in any service industry make it a point to learn about their customers. It's part human nature and part business.

There's a reason we're attracted to the idea of being known. We want to feel connected and going into a restaurant where people know what you want gives that sense. Are we really connected? Probably not in a deep, meaningful way. We're connected on this one thread and by and large that exists in a vacuum.

But it gives us that feeling of "everybody knows your name" and it's warm and comfortable. Who doesn't want more of that in your life?

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