Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Surgery in Progress

Hi; Greg here. I'm substituting for your normal host, the usually perky Patsy Terrell, who is currently in surgery at Hutchinson Hospital for a hernia.

Patsy was taken back for her hernia surgery later than scheduled today, at just about 5:15 PM.

I've just been informed that the surgery on her hernia is just starting at 7:10PM. There was a slight delay due to having to deal with some adhesions that had formed, but all is going well. A small bowel resection had to be done, but without talking to the surgeon I have fews details on that.

Such adhesions may explain some of her pain these last few months.

Before she was taken to surgery, we were fascinated by all the technology. In the photo, Patsy is wearing a sort of inflatable gown that warms the patient via an attachable air blower. It reminds me of an astronaut suit, or one of those inflatable Halloween costumes. It pretty much works, but she had a tendency to complain her fingers were cold just as she'd hold those icy digits against me and cackle with girlish mischief as my life's warmth was tapped.

All that just to illustrate that although she has the normal apprehension about surgery, her spirits were fine enough to pester me.

Ann was not able to be her nurse, but did pop in as we waited and helped with an IV right before Patsy went back. Medical people don't usually have trouble finding a good vein for an IV in Patsy, but this time they did. We think it's because she's a bit dehydrated.

I'll post again when I know more.

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Jane said...

Patsy is in my thoughts. I hope the surgery goes well and Patsy is well on her way to a full recovery soon :)

Thanks for updating
(blog reader from AB, Canada)