Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Surgery Update

Patsy's surgeon, Dr. Holcomb just updated me. Patsy is out of surgery. About one foot of bowel was removed due to it being "balled up" in her hernia, then the hernia was repaired with a biological mesh. She will go to ICU for tonight, and then be in the hospital for five to seven days.

She's not going to like the news of that hospital stay, having gone into surgery expecting only the hernia repair and a two or three day stay..

Thank you all for being concerned. - Greg

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Barbara said...

Thank you, Greg, for keeping us all posted. MaryLou and I have been on the phone back and forth discussing what's posted now! Tell Patsy to just hang in there and get well soon. I'll be up to see her in a day or two. Thanks again for the postings! Barbara