Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas at the Hutchinson Zoo in Hutchinson Kansas

We went to the Hutchinson zoo tonight for a Christmas event. They had some trees decorated by various groups, and the train took you for a ride through some lighted areas. We rode the train three times.

It was cold. In case you can't tell from my multiple layers and the blanket they provided. I felt like I was channeling Ralphie.

It's not the most elaborate display I've ever seen, but it's free and happening a few blocks from my house. It's hard to beat that. And I love the train. The train ride does cost $1.50, and it's worth every penny. Times three.

Here you can see the new building from the train.

The trees all had to be decorated with items that could withstand the weather. Some were pretty creative.

If you're local, don't despair - you've not missed your chance. You can go tomorrow night, or next Thursday, Friday or Saturday. It's from 6-8 and you will be able to ride the new train.

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