Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Tree is Finished

I finished my tree today. Although it's not my typical kind of tree, it's pretty. I'm glad I did one. Years ago I got the idea in my head that not putting up a Christmas tree was something for "old" people.

Have you ever noticed how older people often say, "I'm not putting up a tree..." or "I won't be here at Christmas..." Well, I've only spent Christmas Day in my own house once in my adult life, but I still want to enjoy the season and a sparkly tree. Anyway, that got stuck in my head - no Christmas tree is an "old" thing.

I know lots of people don't put up trees, and the reasons are varied, but in my mind for anyone who's an adult - not a college student or in transistion of one sort or another - deciding to not put up a tree is an "old" thing. And I'm just too young to be "old" yet.

So, although I couldn't do my usual decorating this year, I'm very happy to have my little six foot tree up.

I've noticed in just the last 2-3 days that I'm feeling significantly better, which is great. I'm not pain free yet, and I still move slowly, but I am just feeling better in general.

Tomorrow is the Houston Whiteside Homes Tour and I had thought I might not go because I'm not climbing stairs yet, but now I'm thinking maybe I'll go and just do the lower floors of houses. It seems a shame to miss out completely. And I love to see the decorations and the older homes.

I had hoped to go to Wichita today to see the lights at Botanica. But, it didn't work out to do that after all. I took advantage of the afternoon to work on a lot of things around the house and to return some things. Then Greg, Sharon and I went to see Planet 51.

I definitely recommend it. It's a cute movie. I think maybe we were the only adults without children in tow, but it was fun, and had a lot of in jokes included.


Barbara said...

Congrats on getting your tree up...I'm glad you were able to!!! I'm also glad to hear you're getting back to feeling like your old..make that young self!!! Have a Merry merry Christmas!!!

Patsy Terrell said...

Thanks... I'm so glad I put up the tree... and it won't require an entire day to disassemble. :) At least I don't think so. Have a great holiday!