Sunday, November 14, 2010

Writing by Hand

There's magic in using a pen and paper to record thoughts as opposed to a keyboard. I still write by longhand, particularly when I'm thinking something through.

I like to always have a writing desk setup somewhere in my home that is devoted to writing in journals by hand. This one is in my downstairs sunporch. At various times it have been in my bedroom and other locations, but I like it there - especially in the early mornings.

Now that I write online almost everyday, I sometimes neglect my handwritten work. When I do make time for it it's like slipping back into a familiar, comforting rhythm I've been missing without realizing it.

I was recently flipping through my gratitude journal I've been writing in for a decade. Obviously, I don't write every day. I realized one year I had not made a single entry. That doesn't mean I wasn't finding anything to be grateful for, I just wasn't recording it. Another year I had only one entry.

I guess like most things, this goes in cycles.

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