Sunday, September 11, 2011

Artist Erika Nelson on Conversations with Creatives

Erika Nelson created the World's Largest Collection of the Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things in response to her love of roadside attractions. She travels around in her art car, sharing her love of such things. Following her passion had led her to an appearance on the Conan O'Brien show, to be part of a story in The New York Times, and to make her home near The Garden of Eden in Lucas, Kansas.

She is a voice for "outsider art" or "folk art" or whatever your favorite terminology might be. I met Erika at Kansas Dialogue in mid-August and asked her to sit down after the event and share some of her thoughts about her path.


This is part of a new series on the website called Conversations with Creatives. Very little editing is done. It's an opportunity to eavesdrop on a conversation with a Creative Soul sharing the planet with us.

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