Sunday, April 03, 2005

Scars and Stories

I often wonder how we all got to adulthood. My nephews (all just a little older than me) and I grew up together and between the five of us there were more bike accidents and tumbles and falls and sprained ankles than I can count. There were accidents involving bikes and trees and horses and farm equipment.

Between us there was a broken back, a choking incident, a fingertip cut severely, a broken arm, two broken legs (same person, same time) a snake bite, and dozens of other things involving medical attention.

And yet, somehow, we're now between 43 and 50 and we have no ill effects other than a few scars and stories.

When you consider we were all around farm equipment, had never imagined wearing seat belts, were pulled in old car hoods behind trucks as a sled in the winter, and rode on tailgates all summer long, it's rather amazing.

Funny how times change.

A Saturday Full of DWC, Art, Food and Friends

This morning I went to the Democratic Women's Club convention for our district. It was in Hutchinson and I was a delegate. To tell you the truth, even after having the experience, I'm not sure what that means.
I'm not a person who enjoys meetings, but I had never done this and wanted to see what it was like. So, I decided I would go. Before I left, Terry called this morning and I was telling him what I was doing and he said, "oh, yeah, Mom said she saw in the paper that you were an alternate to the convention." I said, "Oh, no, that's the Altrusa convention later this month." We had a good laugh at how my fingers are in so many pies.

The keynote speaker today was Ethel Peterson and she was really good. I got to sit with a table of really fun people, including Theda, Judy and Kathie. It can make such a difference who you're with at things like this. I don't know that I'll feel the need to go again, but I'm glad I did.

It was a beautiful day here today - 70 and sunny. When I got in from the convention, I flipped on the TV to get the latest, and learned that the Pope had died just a little earlier. He will be missed.

I was in a relective mood so decided to go up to the studio for a little bit. I needed to get the correspondence cards done that I had promised for the Altrusa conference later in the month. Once I got started on them, they went pretty smoothly. I still have to package them, but they're all done now.

I did them all in yellows and oranges. The black is micron pens and the watercolor is Cotman. I have some Holbein I just bought and I LOVE the intensity of it, but this was a case where the less intense, student grade, watercolors were better because they did not dilute the effect of the black micron pen I drew with. I sketched them with pencil to get the shape right, then did the black and then watercolored them in. They are done on watercolor and each one has one of the four butterflies in the upper left corner.

I talked to Teresa a couple of times. I wanted to get her perspective on yesterday. I hated it that I couldn't go with the group of them for the evening presentation, but I had another gathering.

About 5 I went to meet Greg at Skaets. I have been going there 2-4 times a week in the last month or so. I can't seem to eat enough moon-burgers. A friend who was in there the other night tells me they were put on the menu when the moon landing occured. I don't know if that's true, but I know I like them - charcoaled until they're completely done - piled with grilled onions that are so soft they're barely recognizeable as onions - and topped off with all the goodies, including lots of pickles. I have a thing about pickles!

Karen, one of the owners, was in there tonight and we had a nice conversation with her. She asked about the Jackalope and Greg went out to the car to get him. A round of picture taking ensued. The only problem is that life doesn't hold still for my little cheapie digital camera. But, man, I love the convenience of always having it with me.

Ashley, who has waited on us a bunch of times - and is GREAT - even became a little less camera shy with the Jackalope around. He has magic powers. I keep telling Greg he's got to have his own webpage. The lope has had many adventures by now. He's ridden a cable car, been on multiple beaches, visited Tiki bars, graced many a cool restaurant table, admired the Big Texan in Amarillo and dozens of other things.

It has been a long day and I'm going to church in the morning with some friends. One of our local church leaders, who is someone I really respect, will be preaching in the morning about the marriage amendment we'll be voting on this Tuesday. We want to support him for speaking out so we're going to be there in the morning.

Well... time for me to hit the sack. I need to get up early in the morning to get some things done before the day gets in to full swing. It's going to be another busy one - there's church, lunch with friends, a flea market, and a trip to Wichita planned. How could I live my life if I needed 8 hours of sleep a night? lol