Friday, November 11, 2005

On The Run

I have run like a madwoman since 7:12 this morning. And, yet, I didn't get everything done I wanted to accomplish.

I met Teresa for lunch and after that started running errands that needed to get done. At 3 I met the cable guy at the office so I could get decent internet service there. Unfortunately, as always seems to be the case with such things, it wasn't possible. So, it's rescheduled.

At 4:50 I had done everything I could do for the day and stopped by Diana's store. I had popped in at lunch yesterday but was only there for a couple of minutes. Yesterday Lily did the holding out her arms thing for the first time and then giving me a big hug when I took her. I love that stage.

This afternoon I got to talk to Diana a little bit. We never seem to have time to talk anymore.

Creative Sisterhood is next week and it will be good to get to see everyone then.

Well, I must go paint. I'd like to finish the sunporch before I go to bed tonight.