Monday, June 06, 2005

New Cards

I've been doing some new business cards. Pretty much they're used when people want to know the address for my blog. I did some watercolor ones a few weeks ago and they're almost all gone so it was time to do something new.

At the moment I'm really into bold acrylics so I decided to work with those this time. I also just did something similar for an address book exchange on an art list. Anyway, I'm infatuated with this concept at the moment.

Next month, who knows...

Leslie's Drawing

I mentioned earlier today that my great neice, Leslie, sent me a drawing she had done. It's of David Bowie as "Jareth" the goblin king from the movie Labyrinth. I've not seen the movie, but I know this looks like David Bowie.

Leslie's mom was always very artistic. Leslie has never had any art training and I'm not sure if Kathy had any either. I do think artistic talent is partially genetic.

However, I do believe anyone can learn to draw, too. It takes lots of practice. But, I know my own "skills" (I say that generously) have greatly improved since I started making an effort to draw regularly. Part of it is that you just have to get past the worrying about it being bad.

I am not nearly as talented as Leslie. I rarely attempt to reproduce an actual likeness of a human being. I prefer to stick with inanimate objects that remain stationery for long periods of time and who's feelings are not hurt when my drawing does not look like them.