Monday, March 27, 2006

Tea in Hiawatha, Kansas

Sunday afternoon I was in Hiawatha for tea. It was a benefit for the library there. My friend, Cynthia, who I've known from journaling lists for years, tipped me off that it was happening.

This is the 4th year they've done it and it was perfectly lovely. To top it off, I got to meet Cynthia in person, instead of only on the phone or in writing. That was an added treat. Cynthia is on the left here and I'm on the right.

My friend, Susan, who has a farm in Valley Falls, less than an hour away, invited me to spend the night there and then she and her friend, Kathleen, and I met Cynthia for tea. That's Kathleen on the left and Susan on the right.

We were all able to sit together, which was really fun. Our table was the "Genteel Lady of the Antebellum South." Each table had favors that were in keeping with the theme. Ours were soy candles.

The setting was beautiful. This was my place setting.

They sold out. The tickets were lovely, with different tea cup designs on them. The booklets for the evening had the same designs, all done by local school children, from grades 1-4. You could also buy notecards with the designs. They were $5 for 10 and you could pick the designs you wanted. I loved the cards.

There was a silent auction and table viewing an hour before tea started. The tables were extraordinary.

They were done by different people locally, each with its own theme. Businesses sponsored them and there was a wide variety of designs. Everything was beautiful.

The food was OK, but not extraordinary. But, the setting was wonderful. The entertainment was a bit different, but did not detract from the experience.

I can't wait to go again. I couldn't decide which tables to show, so I'm including pix of lots of them. I missed a few, but this is a large sampling of what was there.