Thursday, January 13, 2011

Note to Self - Evolution and Revolution

Recently I picked up an "idea" notebook. I have a ton of these things. There's always one with me when I'm driving, always at any desk, almost always in my purse. When I'm listening to a podcast or reading or just thinking and something occurs to me I jot it down in case I want to revisit that thought.

Truth be told, I rarely even read them, much less do anything more with them. But, once I write down the thought I know it's there if I want to go back to it. For some reason that's comforting to me.

Yesterday I ran across this one that seems quite profound, and I do remember revisiting some of this thought, but I have never done anything more with it.

It's dated, as most things are, and then some writing on the page. From the look of the handwriting I'm guessing I was in a car - it's pretty messy - or I could have just been writing really fast.

"August 5, 2009
I believe in evolution - I believe in revolution. Rarely is revolution sought - it simply arrives. Unannounced. Unbidden."

I faintly remember writing this. I don't recall the train of thought, but I'm glad I made this note. It's an interesting little peek into my brain. Yes, it's still surprising for me sometimes, too.