Thursday, August 31, 2006

Archaic Mail

I bought an airline ticket today, using a travel voucher I got last year as a result of the hell trip home from Puerto Rico. I haven't used a travel voucher in awhile and never on this particular airline. There were some surprises.

First, I couldn't just use the voucher online. I could make the reservation and hold it on the website, but then I had to call to make payment arrangements.

Second, after all that was done, the final step is for me to MAIL the travel voucher. It seemed so archaic to be physically mailing someone a piece of paper when I can choose my flights and seats online, and even pay online with a credit card. But I can't pay with their own internally generated payment system. Very odd.

Oh well, it's fixed up and ready to go. It was just a moment of oddness when they told me to mail it to them. I mail many things because I still write letters, but I just never think of business involving the mail anymore. Interesting how our viewpoints change.

Creative Sisterhood

Tonight my Creative Sisterhood group gathered at Virginia's cabin to celebrate our third anniversary. Technically, it will be Sunday - September 3 - but tonight was the night we chose to gather. It was a wonderful evening.

We had the windows open and the bugs were singing and we had a fabulous meal. We did a potluck and it was incredible.

Virginia grilled chicken breasts and squash, Teresa made a Vietnamese noodle salad that was amazing, as well as a fresh peach pie. Diana brought corn casserole and I took green beans with fresh basil and also baked potatoes. Julie made rice and Martha brought some great bread. We coordinated a little bit so we ended up with a nice mix. It was a very tasty meal.

It has cooled off her a bit in the last few days and tonight was perfectly lovely. As we were finishing up it started lightning and now we're expecting rain. I'll be so happy to get some rain. I continue to water my plants but they just couldn't make it through the horrific heat. Things are looking puny.

This morning was the United Way kick off breakfast and it went really well.It's always good to see people and visit a bit.

I had scheduled breakfast with Peggy afterwards and visited with her while she had breakfast since I'd already eaten. We didn't get done with our planning so we're going to get together again in the morning.

I also looked at a garden for the Tenth Annual Hutchinson Garden Tour set for June 24, 2007. This is the second one I have lined up now so it's shaping up.

Well, I am headed upstairs shortly. I got up at 5 this morning and have been going pretty much constantly since then so it's time for a little rest. I am so glad it's a holiday weekend. I need a little time to think.

I've got a lot on my mind these days.