Saturday, July 22, 2006

Art of Gracious Living #32

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Taking time to write down the guiding principles for your life - your Rules for Living - will help you make decisions easily.

My number one rule for living is to "Seek," so when a friend asked if I wanted to go to Honduras, I instantly knew the answer was "yes." When you have your own rules for living you'll be able to make decisions quickly too.

Take time to list your own rules for living, and lead a more gracious life.

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Fake Floors

I'm watching HGTV, one of my little addictions. They're doing someone's sunporch, putting down a psuedo wood floor. They're talking about how great it is. I always just want to scream at the TV - PEOPLE - it's plastic, not wood. It looks like plastic, because it is. No one is going to believe it's wood - because it is obviously plastic.

What happened to using wood for wood floors, trim and fences? Why do we want everything in our world to be fake?