Saturday, March 18, 2006


I'm so glad it's a Saturday. I didn't have to get up for anything today and so slept until about 8:30. I have worked on the tree and the big wad of lights that were left after taking the tree down. I get all I can off as I go, but I always end up with a big wad at the end.

Julie called this morning. It was really, really good to talk to her. I worked on lights while we chatted.

Greg and I have made a trip out to Roys and then took a little drive. It's a somewhat dreary day with mist in the air and it's colder than it has been in awhile, but it's also kind of moody. Frankly I kind of like it. And I'm thrilled for the moisture.

We're supposed to get snow on Monday. We've had so little snow this winter - only twice I can think of and neither was much snow. I don't know that we'll get any significant accumulation - it's been so warm I can't think we will - but I'll be happy for the moisture.

I have lots of flowers blooming - daffodils and hyacinths and crocus. I know some don't mind cold and snow, but I'm not sure the hyacinths are going to enjoy it. I may go out and pick them tomorrow. At this point in the cycle I'm always so glad I planted them. I never enjoy the planting part, but I sure enjoy the having flowers in my house part.

Well, I've got piles of stuff to carry to the basement so I'd better get to it. I also want to carry the Christmas tree base out to the shed. It's going to get colder the next few days so I might as well do it now and be done with it.

Art of Gracious Living PCN #14

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Life long learning allows us to examine topics that resonate with our spirits. Things that have withstood the test of time - like art and music - make our lives richer.

Learning about things that are outside our immediate comfort zones gives us a new perspective, and helps us lead a more gracious life.

Click here for the Art of Gracious Living PCN #14