Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Christmas Preparations and More

Last night I brought the Christmas tree stand parts in and set them up in the corner where the tree goes. This may be the earliest I've ever started putting the tree up, although nothing is done but this. I've started other decorating before, but I don't think I've ever started on the tree this early.

It seemed ridiculous to put this away only to get it out in a few weeks. This year I'm going to wire it to the wall before I start assembling it instead of trying to do it afterwards. Greg suggested this placement since this is the direction it wants to lean - into the room - because I put more stuff on the sides that are visible. I'm excited to try out the new stand Jackie built.

And speaking of Jackie - he is doing well. Their 50th Anniversary notice was in the paper so people have been bringing it in to him. Obviously, we've had to postpone the party that was set for Sunday, but we've got a whole year to work it in, so we've got plenty of time.

I have spent today running from one thing to another. There always seem to be more projects than there is energy and time to do them. I want to change that dynamic.

Tonight Andrea hosted the gathering for our committee locally that put on dialogue. I went for a little bit and it was nice. But I had to come home to work on a couple of projects. I had a freelance graphics project to complete tonight and a number of other things so I couldn't stay very long. It was good to see everyone, but conversation was getting very intense about what to do in the future and I just didn't have the brain cells for that. I needed to save my brain cells for other things tonight.


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